Small Animal Dentistry







Our goal at the Sylvan Lake Veterinary clinic is to offer the gold standard of veterinary dental health care with an emphasis on prevention, education and the promotion of oral health care. We believe that every animal has the right to a pain free mouth and will work with our clients and their pets to ensure that this is a reality. In the event that a pet develops oral disease we offer the gold standard of treatment options including highly trained staff and top of the line equipment. We consult with board certified veterinary dentists and can refer patients to them for specialized procedures.


Dr. Hodges performs all of our dental surgeries.  Dr. Hodges graduated in 2005 from the Western College of Veterinary medicine in Saskatoon with a total of a one hour lecture to comprise his dental education. In early 2007 he attended the North American Veterinary Conference Institute 5 day intensive small animal veterinary dentistry.  In 2007 he joined the American Veterinary Dental Society and has been a member and attended its annual Dental Forum, the world’s largest veterinary dental conference almost every year since.  Each year he has taken various laboratories to increase the therapeutic options he could offer; orthodontics, maxillofacial fracture repair, periodontal surgery, and restoratives.  Dr. Hodges is passionate about veterinary dentistry and proud to offer quality veterinary dental care in our community.