Wellness Exams

Annual physical exams are the cornerstone of preventative medicine.  Early detection of disease allows proactive intervention and more favorable outcomes

Spay & Neuter

Apart from not reproducing, having heat cycles, roaming, and unwanted behaviors studies show that spayed and neutered pets live longer.

High Quality Dog and Cat Foods

We carry quality foods that have been clinically proven to provide your pet nutrition through all of their life stages and medical diets for specific conditions.


Vaccinations are key to preventing communicable diseases.  There are core vaccines that evey cat and dog should recieve.  There are  few additonal vaccines that we recommend based on your pets lifestyle.

Our surgical suite is fully equipped with gas anesthesia, digital patient monitor, I.V. pump and a patient warming system.

We deliver food to your door.  Deliveries are Wednesday evenings.

Micro Chipping and Tattooing

Helping lost pets find their family

Surgical Laser

Used in place of a scalpel it is shown to decrease healing time, infection and pain scores

Dental Care

We are fully equipped for prophylactic cleanings and treatment of advanced disease.  We practice the gold standard of veterinary dental care.


Digital dental and regular radiology increases our diagnostic ability

Therapeutic laser
A drug free way to treat inflammatory and painful conditions.  Great for osteoarthritis but can be used to treat many conditions.

Ultrasound allows us to see inside the body.  We can see the internal organs and evaluate their size and structure for abnormalities.