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About Our Veterinary Clinic

For over 30 years the Sylvan Lake Veterinary Clinic has been caring for your four legged family members. We emphasize a strong preventative medicine program with annual exams, vaccinations, high quality pet food and a deworming protocol to keep your pet as healthy as possible.

We are a full service veterinary clinic committed to providing you with quality veterinary service throughout the life of your pet. We strive to educate our clients with reliable, accurate information to help them make the best decisions for their pets health.  Our team of well trained professional's love what they do and are willing to help you with any of your veterinary needs.



"Even though we’ve moved to Red Deer, we drive all our dogs and cats back to Sylvan to maintain their level of care.

Every time I bring our pets in, the staff take the time to get to know them. They explain everything, and the care schedules and reminders are so helpful to maintain their care."

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"This Vet office treats my fur babies with respect and kindness. They also go above and beyond to make sure that everything is explained and understood. You can tell that their main aim is to care for and heal animals."


The staff was very welcoming. Treated my pet and I with such care. I have experienced 4 years with this clinic and have had consistent quality staff and experience for my pet.

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