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High Quality Food

What food is stocked at the clinic?

We carry quality foods that have been clinically proven to provide

your pet nutrition through all of their life stages and medical diets

for specific conditions.

Depending on your particular requirements, we offer a variety

of the following;

  • Maintenance Diets - such as adult and dental.
                As an added advantage, food is available in different sizes depending on the size of your furry friend!

  • Life Stage Diets - every option for your pet as they age
                Puppy, Adult, Senior

  • Prescription Diets/Therapeutic Diet - specially formulated for pets needing a bit of extra help to manage their diagnoses.

  • Weight Management Diets - for weight loss and weight maintenance

For Dogs:

Dog Eating Dog Food

For Cats:

We have a wide range of foods for cats, including the following;

  • Maintenance Diets - such as oral and dental

  • Life Stage Diets - every option for your pet as they age
               ​Kitten, Adult, Senior

  • Prescription Diets/ Therapeutic Diets

  • Weight Management Diets

What if you don't stock the food I am looking for?

Sometimes there are foods that we don't keep in stock at the clinic. Don't worry though! We regularly place "special orders" on requested foods during the week to keep you and your furry friend happy!

Alternatively, most of our diets are also available through our online store, which features a ship to clinic option OR home delivery for your convenience!

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