Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

Spaying or neutering your pet is very important to avoid overpopulation and is proven to allow our pets to live longer lives. Females do not go into heat and males are less likely to wander or be aggressive. While these procedures are considered routine because we perform them daily they are still invasive surgeries performed under general anesthesia.


At the Sylvan Lake Veterinary Clinic our dog and cat spays and dog neuters include: intravenous fluids, pain medication during the surgery and 3 additional days of pain medication to go home, an overnight stay and a tattoo for cats. We do this because we feel that these are required for these surgeries to make them as safe and painless as possible. Some clinics will offer these as options available above the cost of the surgery.


You do have a few options to consider prior to surgery. Pre-anesthetic bloodwork gives us a window to the internal organs to make sure your pet is healthy and can tolerate anesthesia. Another option is to have the procedure performed using our surgical laser.  As our pets sometimes get lost we recommend a tattoo or microchip as a form of identification.  Below are videos and information to help with your decision making prior to surgery. If you have any further questions please call and talk with one of our team members.

Spaying Your Pet

Neutering Your Pet

Pre Anesthetic Bloodwork


Surgical Laser

Reduced Pain – The CO2 laser beam seals nerve endings as it cuts through tissue. This reduces the amount of pain the patient feels during and after surgery.



Reduced Bleeding – The CO2 laser beam cauterizes and seals small blood vessels as it cuts. This laser energy achieves hemostasis and provides the surgeon with a bloodless surgical field in most procedures.



Reduced Swelling – There is no physical contact between the laser and the surgical region, eliminating the tearing and bruising of tissue associated with traditional surgical methods. Lymphatic vessels are also sealed.



Reduced Infection – Laser energy acts as an antibacterial agent by producing high temperatures, effectively eliminating microorganisms.


Quicker Recovery – As a result of all of the above, laser surgery provides the benefit your pet will appreciate the most.