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What sort of things can you help to identify with radiology?

As with humans, radiology has made fantastic advancements over the years, aiding professionals with the ability to diagnose potential problems and illnesses.

Our main uses for radiology at the Sylvan Lake Veterinary Clinic include;

  • Arthritis

  • Foreign Bodies

  • Pregnancy Detection

  • Broken Bones

  • CCL Injuries

What are the main benefits for having a radiology set up?

Much like the in-house laboratory, the radiology also serves us really well in being able to help your pets to the best of our ability. Our favourite features include being able to provide;

  • Fast results

  • Imaging that clients can see in clinic

  • Diagnosis in clinic in efficient time

  • Ease of sending radiographs to specialists
    when needed for surgery consults.

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