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Microchipping and Identification

What is the importance of having a microchip or identification?

Identification is an exceptionally important aspect in owning a pet. It enables anyone to be able to return your pets to you in the instance that they become lost.

There are multiple ways of providing identification for your pets, the main ones being; Microchip, Tattoo and Collar Tags.


Tattoo's are done under general anesthetic, usually whilst a pet is undergoing another surgery, such as a spay or neuter. While tattoo's are still a popular option, overtime they can fade and become difficult to read.


Microchips are a very sophisticated way of providing identification for your pet. They can be done at anytime and are available for all pets.

Microchips are done by implanting a tiny transponder about the size of a grain of rice between your pets shoulder blades. When your pet is microchipped, their details are saved to a database, which when scanned with a microchip reader, is accessible by veterinarians, animal control or rescue centres, allowing them to contact you in the event your pet is lost.

Microchipping Video

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