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Financing and Insurance

At Sylvan Lake Veterinary Clinic, we understand that sometimes unexpected things can happen, and when this occurs with our beloved pets, money stress isn't something that we want our clients to worry about.

While as a clinic, we cannot offer payment plans, we have been able to find alternatives that may be suitable for you, depending on your personal circumstance.

Financing Support

Sylvan Lake Veterinary Clinic offers financing support through PayBright. To take advantage of this company, please visit their website for further information.

Clients are required to apply for their own approval.


Are you considering adopting a new pet? Buying a new puppy or kitten? Or even thinking it's now time to give your current buddy a little extra protection?

We encourage all of our clients to consider researching pet insurance. It is an added level of security when unexpected costs occur. You never think you need it, until you do.

Pet insurance varies by company, but at our clinic, we recommend Trupanion Insurance. They bill directly to clinic and offer a variety of plans and coverage to suit your needs.

If you need any assistance setting up an initial insurance policy, contact us at the clinic.

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