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Our Equipment

Dentistry Radiology

Perfoming dentistry without radiographs (xray) is impossible. During an oral exam we can only assess half of the dental tissues. A lot of pathology can only be found with dental radiographs.

Studies have shown that in 40% of dogs and cats we will not identify all the disease if we do not take full mouth radiographs. If we do not take them, we will miss pathology and leave your pet with a potentially painful mouth.

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Digital Patient Monitor

While performing dental procedures our patients are monitored very closely. Real time measurements of the oxygen level in the blood, heart rate, and temperature. The blood pressure is measured every 2 minutes unless otherwise indicated.

Sylvan Lake Veterinary Clinic
Sylvan Lake Veterinary Clinic

Dental Cart

High and low speed hand pieces, including a polisher, ultrasonic scaler, and air water syringe

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