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  • Taylor Bachynski

But do I really have to worry about parasites?

Parasites are all around us from ticks to fleas to internal parasites and ear mites.

Dogs and cats can pick them up from wildlife, other animals and from just sniffing fecal matter on a walk. Some parasites can transfer from dog to dog or cat to cat, others can even transmit to us.

Parasites can travel just like we can which is important to remember in prevention. Ticks can attach themselves on birds and migrate from the US into Canada. Fleas can jump from wildlife to your pets. Round worms can live in utero and affect our puppies.

Parasites can use our pets as a host, not affect them but affect us and cause us health problems.

"Parasites are all around us...and cause us health problems"

Protecting you and your pet from these parasites is important for our health and yours. We can prevent these parasites by easily treating your pet monthly with a chew or a topical medication.

Parasite prevention is a key role in your pet’s wellness. We start while our puppies and kittens are young then we can start off their health journey right and clear out any parasite issues that can affect their growth and development.

Once your pet is an adult monthly, quarterly, or yearly deworming is something that we can tailor to our pets. That way your pet is getting what they need for their individual lifestyle!

"Parasite prevention is a key role in your pets' wellness"

Molson, Taylors beloved pooch,

hanging out with Louise the Tick! We

often use Louise to talk about tick education

during the warmer months.

The more preventative wellness we can do for your pets and us the better for our long term health. By preventing parasites in our pets we are preventing parasites in us and from coming into our homes and affecting us. You want to protect your family and lets be real, our pets are part of that family, so ask your veterinarian on what’s best for your pets parasite prevention.

-Taylor Bachynski, RVT 2022

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