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  • Taylor Bachynski

Laser Therapy in Dogs

Laser therapy in dogs is a great treatment option for a multitude of issues.

Let’s dive into how laser works and when we recommend it. Laser therapy or photobiomodulation is the process of applying specific wavelengths of light to tissue to promote healing or reduce pain. It is non-invasive, drug free, pain free and free of side effects. It can be used in conjunction with other treatments and can be used with all medications. Laser therapy can be used for our senior pets when they have stiff or sore joints, it can be used after orthopedic surgeries as part of recovery. Laser therapy is a great tool for back injuries in our pets as well for acute and chronic issues. We can even use laser as part of wound healing and skin issues.

The first appointment we have a consultation with our veterinarian and veterinary technologist. They will assess your pet and make a treatment plan, usually we start out by doing laser 1-2 times a week depending on the condition we are treating. We can then access how they are doing, form a schedule and book them in for their full treatment plan.

I personally have used laser on my old dog for chronic arthritis in his back, acutely for my other dog when he had a neck injury and now for my puppy who has a severe neurological condition. Dogs usually respond well, and some can see improvements after one or two treatments. If you have any questions about laser therapy and if it will be suited for your pet call the clinic, we would be happy to answer all your questions!

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