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Senior Pet Month

As pets age, their needs begin to change. Senior pets are more likely to have certain health issues than younger pets, and we want to make sure they get the best care in their golden years!

Many senior pets will develop arthritis. Symptoms may include slow to get up after sleeping/lying down, difficulty with stairs, not being as active, urinating in different spots, stiffness and irritability. You can help them by having everything they need in easily accessible areas. They would also benefit from having an orthopedic bed, or ramps going to your bed, the couch or the higher places they love to spend time in. For senior cats, having litterboxes with low openings will allow them to not have to step as high, making it easier on their joints, and therefore lessening the chance of them urinating elsewhere in the house. There are many different options we have to help manage your pet’s arthritis from monthly injections to glucosamine supplements to laser therapy (read about how laser therapy works in the recent blog by Taylor!). Ask us what will be best for your pet!

Bi-annual visits to the vet is a great way to see how your pet is doing. With some changes being so subtle, especially in cats, itis often hard for you to spot them at home,and can be helpful to have a fresh set of eyes. We may also ask questions and discuss your pets life to see if there are any changes that you did not realize were happening, or may not be normal. We can also run bloodwork in clinic, which allows us to see how internal organs are functioning, as we cannot always see what is happening from the outside. There are health conditions that involve internal organs that are more common in senior pets. Certain conditions may warrant for long-term medications and follow-ups with your vet.

If you are noticing any changes in your pet, and especially in your senior pet, please contact us and we will be happy to set up an appointment with you.

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