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  • Taylor Bachynski

Travelling to the US

Are you and your pet travelling to the United States after August 1 this year?

The CDC has implemented new rules and regulations that you will need to follow before you cross the border with your pet.


Here are the regulations that need to be followed:

  • They must be healthy upon arrival to the US

  • Be at least 6 months of age

  • Microchipped

  • Have a completed CDC Dog Import Form receipt- must be filled out 2-10 days prior

  • Required Vaccines and Veterinary Documents (dogs must have the rabies vaccine to travel)


To ensure you have all the appropriate steps taken we are asking you at your vaccine appointments if you’re travelling down after August 1. That way we can help you navigate these new rules and make sure your travel plans are as smooth as possible.

For more detailed information on the new requirements please visit the website for the Centre for Disease and Control Prevention.

Safe Travels!

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