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  • Dr Sandy Jameson

37 Years Young

The Sylvan Lake Veterinary Clinic is a veteran in the industry.

Its origin dates back to 1985 when it was opened by Drs Rob McCorkel and Cathy Caldwell. At this time, it was a mixed animal practice and located in the strip mall at the corner of 50 St and Sylvan Drive.

In 1995, Dr Marvin Mattson became a partner in the practice and became a full owner in 1997. He continued to look after large and small animals until about 2005 when the Sylvan Lake Veterinary Clinic became solely small animal.

The clinic moved to a new location with a spiffy new building in 2002 where the clinic is currently located with its characteristic green roof.

In 2014 the practice was purchased by Drs Andrew Hodges and Sandy Jameson.

Although the clinic has seen multiple owners throughout the years, it continues to be ‘the clinic that cares’, striving to offer the gold standard of veterinary medicine and excellent customer service.

It has grown from a staff of 3 to current day 11 (2 client care specialist, 2 veterinary technical assistants, 3 registered veterinary technicians and 4 veterinarians).

Happy Birthday Sylvan Lake Veterinary Clinic… 37 years young!

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