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  • Taylor Bachynski

Iggy the Imagyst

We are so excited to re-introduce our newest staff member Iggy the Imagyst! We are so excited to have this new technology available in the clinic for our patients. Iggy reads our cytology slides from lumps and bumps. Say your dog has a concerning lump on his or her back and we want to know what it is. We take a needle and get a small sample of cells, we put it on a microscope slide and Iggy reads the slide. We would send our fine needle aspirates to the lab before Iggy came along, we had to wait a couple days up to a week to get results. Which means you’re waiting to hear back from us on if your beloved family member’s lump is nothing or was the lump a concern and we need to get it dealt with! Now we take that sample in clinic, he reads the microscope slide and sends images right to a pathologist. In 12-24 hours the pathologist looks at the slides and tells us what the lump is. Not in a couple days, not in 1 week in 12-24 hours. We then know what this lump is, we know what we need to do and how to treat it. We also know if we need to book your pet in for surgery, all in 12-24 hours! How cool is that!

We also read all our blood smears, ear swabs and other skin impressions with him. Blood smears tell us so much about what’s going on in your pets circulating blood cells. We can looks at white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. Our ear slides now give us so much more information as Iggy is reading 100 microscope views in a short time. Iggy reads those slides in 5-8min and gives the technologist the results in a printed report. We can then bring the report into our ear appointment, and you can see what Iggy is seeing. He is so cool and we are so excited to be using him in our hospital on a daily basis.

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